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Hello pumpkin bread! I’m excited to eat allll of this delicious for breakfast this week!

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I have literally made ZERO progress over the last two months. Not only has the scale not budged, I just feel like I look WORSE than I did two months ago. When I look at pictures from then, I looked slim and toned. When I look at pictures of myself now, I see a stubborn layer of chub, hardly any…

A couple things here (you may already know this):
1. Weight loss is accomplished through DIET. Not exercise. The ‘calories-IN/calories-out’ catch phrase is great for closed systems, but the body is a dynamic system that utilizes protein, fat and carbohydrates for the same thing sometimes. 

I can tell you how to burn 500 calories with one step. It’s the step away from the dinner table. You’re better off NOT eating it, then trying to ‘burn’ it off.

Seriously, though the amount of calories you “burn” exercising.. are not necessarily doing anything to the ‘fat’ on your body. The calories that those little electronic things tell you, are highly misleading.

2. Exercise makes the body more efficient. That’s not to say it makes it more efficient at burning fat. You can build muscle for years, be VERY strong and still have a layer of fat on top of all that muscle.

But exercise can work against you as well. You probably already know that with a caloric deficit, the body eventually slows the metabolism. This slows the weight loss progress. Ways to combat this, include:

- Calorie-Ups: These are one days per week, where you consume, say 25% more calories than normal. Science has proven that eating more…. actually increases the metabolism. And one day of lots of calories can jump start the metabolism and ‘reset’ it for weight loss.

- Intermittent Fasting: There are many methods for this. Personally, I choose the 16/8 method. I consume my calories (1500) at lunch and dinner and that’s all. No snacks. No cheating. During the ‘fasting’ time, instead of my body pulling energy from the glucose or glycogen in my system… it pulls it from ‘fat’ stores in the body. 

This also applies if you’re working out in the fasted state. With no direct energy (aka the food you just consumed), the body is forced to get it from somewhere else: your fat. 
Check this out:

The ‘IF’ method will especially work if your body is in ketosis. If the body has already been taught to use fat as an energy source for 6-10 weeks (keto-adapted), then fasting should be an easy thing.

Another point about exercise:
Exercising while in a caloric deficit can stall progress

I hope this information is found useful to you. Good luck!

This is seriously amazing, thank you so much for posting this!!

Ok…please never say that you are “better off not eating dinner”. No, no, no. That is absolutely horrible advice and you should be ashamed to recommend something like that




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What's the runner's club? How do you do it? I'm such a noob

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its an open club to whoever would like to share their running experiences ! :) I’m new this month, and its a little gem i am happy i found !
you run. share your stuff. check out other peoples stuff.set up some goals or just log your journey! tag #runnersclubseptember

check it out !!!!!!!!!

together, we can encourage and motivate each other ! lets do it !!! :)

Do it do it do it! You can run as little or as much as you want!

In case you wanted to know…

My house smells awesome.


When art impact on fashion..

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